Best homestead youtube channels reddit . BGG's Game Night is probably my favorite for multiplayer games. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Tangent_Virtual_Cars. Add a Comment. The very first homesteading podcast I listened to was Pioneering Today, and it still holds a weekly spot on my playlist. He's been deservedly poached by the New York Times. . . 1. . Edson_53. What are the best youtube channels for lawyers? Does anyone have recommendations for any youtube channels for lawyers? Brilliant! Thanks. . There's no cost/benefit breakdown in most of the channel (with a few exceptions like the water heater one). . Please add your input thanks!. I've been told by many people I should make a YT channel. He blows stuff up, shows you how to do many things revolving around modern homesteading, and makes you laugh a lot in the process. ago. Film-Nerd1038 • 1 yr. Hopefully this inspires you with some ideas of your own. Gamers nexus and Der8aur are great for knowledge and tests. . Overall my gripe with the existing channels is that: they make a show out of it by adding too much unrelated content, doctor visits, kids playing, basically like homesteading reality TV. Kings & Generals has very simplified, but good quality videos, although it's very centered around wars. Overall my gripe with the existing channels is that: they make a show out of it by adding too much unrelated content, doctor visits, kids playing, basically like homesteading reality TV. Corporations don’t realize that the hardest customers to lose, are in-turn, the hardest to regain. . In addition you should definitely check out (or rewatch) the Lex. Owen lifted the homestead grift from Cody, and Cody lifted the alt-right grift from Owen. FZDSCHOOL has some interesting video podcasts that talk about concept art and design. I know there are approximately 100 billion recipe channels on YouTube, so I'm hoping you kind redditors can give us some suggestions and drop your favourites! For context, we're looking for relatively quick and easy recipes for weeknight dinners. . . View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. Gotta turn on the Captions though (sometimes english captions are under "hindi"). One thing you may consider is deleting the videos on your currently channel before you upload to the new channel. . The only one I follow. On the flip side, I search everyday for YouTube content, and I notice MTG Lion who posts 3-4 videos a day over anything. About short video, it's fine but put the best 15 sec of the video. 41 votes, 47 comments. The best channel by far for pasta basics and technique. . . I am searching for the big youtube channels about tech in general, and the ones about programming (doesn't matter what language). . I like Aaron's testing and review process for gear, and that he puts out. . Roots and Refuge Farm. . There are no good youtube channel. I made a fully AI-powered youtube channel. Ishfaaq Peerally - Value Investing. .
Haven't gone through the comments to see if it has already been recommended. I need good quality Buddhist YouTube channels. If you're looking for channels about game math too, you should check out Freya Holmer's channel: https://www. . Herbal Jedi (PNW herbs/foraging) Woodland Patterns (crafts, food) The Cottage Fairy (crafts, art, food) Jonna Jinton (cabin life in northern Sweden) Kalle Flodin (more cabin life in northern Sweden) Ohnonotagain13. It's hard to tell what is quality investment and what is just excess from his channel though. Many topics but one is history and if I remember correctly the network was started by a historian. Lex discusses all things AI & ML with his guests. So, here are my 21 awesome homesteading YouTube channels you should watch in alphabetical order. As one of the most popular FL Studio YouTube channels, you've likely come across Busy Works Beats' videos before. The art of charm is very in depht, they usually do. 20. Kountry Red Vlog (they haven’t updated in a few months tho) The Bulls Garden. 1. 8k subscribers) Armitage Games (9. Thats why a lot of ppl do videos on money and finances without a solid background. . The aim of this youtube channel is to help people learn how to analyze dataset, extract information from data using machine learning algorithms , perform regression analysis and use postgreSQL database. Resonance Audio. . Elliott Homestead and Parisienne Farmgirl are both great channels. ago. net also do vfx) In terms of vfx I would suggest: Cinecom. . Christopher Odd: he does gameplay in his Channel, but I like to see him play some spooky games. ago. . My favorite gardening channels are One Yard Revolution and Charles Dowding No Dig. You should check out Vincent Scully's lectures on YouTube. They're heavily oriented toward psychology & philosophy and have some really good videos on Freud, Jung, and Maslow. . 3. 36 votes, 21 comments. Are there any enjoyable farming/homesteading YouTube channels? Does anyone have recommendations for YouTube channels that show the growth of a farm, the daily. . The few others that we have known were obsessed with youtube as a learning tool- which it can be- and kept sending me links.

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